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The AOSP Extended also many great features that allow users to change the status bar, lock screen, and multiple other settings. This custom ROM is also very regular with new features so people can constantly keep customizing their phones. If you are looking for the best Android 13 custom ROM, go ahead and check out Project Elixir. It’s a beautiful AOSP ROM that is very close to stock Android with Pixel features and customization options. It features WAIFUCLOCK which is based on the Substratum theme and delivers an elegant lock screen experience that you won’t find on any other ROM. The best part is that it also offers timely updates and bugs are fixed routinely. As for device support, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, Nokia, and Nothing, almost all the OEMs are supported.

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If you face any trouble installing it, watch XDA Developer’s tutorial featuring this. The stock firmware file list of best android ROMs goes incomplete without Pixel Experience. This ROM supported smart Google Assistant and was the stable android ROM for many years. However, it does not support all Android devices but the selected ones. If there are any updates in the ROM, then the source files are updated to GitHub. I don’t have an exact or proper definition to tell how superb Bootleggers ROM is among android custom ROMs. The specialty lies where it helps to respond to bug reports and user problems.

Today we’ll discuss the best custom Android 10 ROM projects, using them you can transform your Android phone to something new, something fascinating, and of course Android 12. It grants specialized permission to a user to customize the phone he/she likes it to be.

  • If you are looking for ZH&K Odyssey Best stock ROM firmware, then you are on the right page.
  • Updates or new releases are more regularly released for Custom ROMs than Stock ROMs.
  • In addition, these companies are required to set up a nomination committee formed of non-executives, which will lead the process for board appointments and make recommendations to the board.

As far as performance goes, Corvus OS does allow you to overclock your CPU and RAM. However, it doesn’t provide you with the option to increase the storage space of your phone. Even though it’s a lightweight variant of Arch Linux, it still requires some technical knowledge to work correctly. You won’t be able to access specific settings unless you know how to edit files. So, if you’re planning to install it on your mobile device, you must already know how to handle basic file editing tasks. This is one of the acclaimed best custom ROMs, which offers valuable tools and customizations. It may not be compatible with every Android device; if you cannot download CyanogenMod, no worries!


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